Thursday, July 19, 2012

Changing media cloud host.

If you couldn't tell yet, I have started the long and arduous process of moving my media podcast files to and off of Jumbofile. The reason being that it is a better host, even though some shows will be split due to the 300mb upload limit. HulkShare has no total limit or removal of files,  where as Jumbofile had 500 gig limit and the files are removed after a month of no downloads. The only glitch if found at HulkShare is if your show starts with a well known song their copywrite autodetect program called, Audible Magic content recognition, will copywrite the file you uploaded making so it can not be downloaded but can still play even on an embedded player. I figured out a way to bypass this by adding a one minute commercial tag to the beginning of each show... and poof I have defeated Audible Magic and my podcasts of pasts shows can start with Nirvana if I damn well wanted. ;) I have found HulkShare as good as Soundcloud, I believe it does everything Soundcloud can but better as you can change the colors of your embeded player and it is FREE! .l.. ..l.
If you are looking for pasts shows podcast please be patient as I hope to have them all back up by the end of summer.  Not only is it taking time to edit them and move them, I'm also in the process of moving from Maui back to Seattle and looking for work. Thank you. :)

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