Thursday, August 4, 2016

"On The Edge" as broadcast on KNHC on 31-July-2016

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2
Unfortunately with changes happening with servers in the studio the original recording of the show never happened, so this is just a simple auto recording of what was played that night :( as I am short on time lately looking for that day time job thing.
-----8PM Host Paul Aleinikoff-----
Wumpscut - Is It You (Scintillating Mixx)
Amduscia - Seal You In Red
Neuroticfish - Mechanic Of The Sequence
The Birthday Massacre - Video Kid
Cleen - The Voice (Extended Version)
KMFDM - Split
Covenant - Dead Stars
Covenant - Tension
Essence Of Mind - Original Poser
Cyanotic - Reflex Action
Bella Morte - Find Forever Gone
Shiv-R - The End (Part 1)
[:SITD:] - Propaganda
Aesthetic Perfection - LAX
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Prisoner
Clock DVA - Velvet Realm
-----10PMish Host DJ SAINt-----
Delerium - Brainwaves
UnterArt - Now or Never
And Also the Trees - The Sleepers
iVardensphere - Black Lodge
Karnnos - Outermost Oak
Dismantled - The Hero
Növö - The Shortwaves
Bel Canto - A Shoulder To The Wheel
The Pain Teens - Embers And Ashes
Aphexia - Obey
Michael Idehall - Deep Code
Surgical Meth Machine - I'm Invisible
Diffuzion - Still Believe
SMP - Pure Uncut Anger (CLEAN)
Bozo Porno Circus - Surrounded - Pigface Remix
Totem Obscura - Eisenman (Short Cut)
The Aenigmachine - The New Flesh
Doubting Thomas - Father Don't Cry
Praga Khan - Dreamcatcher
De/Vision - Essence
Pink Industry - Cruel Garden (Brother Bob Mix)
Out Out - Antidote (Serum)
I:Scintilla - The Bells (Angelspit Mix)
Nullvektor - Always Alone
Acylum - Venom
Death Rattle - Exhale
Aiboforcen feat. Mari Kattman - Tears (Radio Edit)
:10: - 19
Dismantled - Dead On Impact (CLEAN)
Midnight Nightmare - A Product Of Wraith
Siva Six - To The Light
Aesthetische - Surveillance
Public Domain Resource - Under The Ground (Retrogramme Remix)
Ayria - Bad List
Asylum Sisters - Push
Angelspit - Cult Of Fake
Laibach - Wir Tanzen Ado Hinkel (Zeta Reticula Mix)
Obscenity Trial - 7:30 (Bonus Track)
Assemblage 23 - Disappoint
Zombie Girl - I Want It
Stonith - Mort Vivant
Voicecoil - Perfect Dark
VNV Nation - Carbon
Genevieve Pasquier - Blitzkrieg Baby. Part 3
Scratch Massive - Closer (feat. Chloé)
Peter Murphy - All Night Long (Edit)
Mono-Amine - I Walk In The Shadow Of Death
Surgical Meth Machine - Gates Of Steel
Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You
Xmal Deutschland - Mondlicht

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