Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"On The Edge" as broadcast on KNHC on 02-October-2016 Rhys Fulber Interview with DJ Drew

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2
*****8PM Host Paul Aleinikoff*****
Skinny Puppy - Rodent
:SITD: - Herbsterwachen
Cleen - Balieve
Neikka RPM - Demon Breeder
Abney Park - The Wrong Side
KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel (Single Mix)
Excessive Force - Blow Your House Down
Assemblage 23 - Salt The Earth
Assemblage 23 - Human
Crisk - Datenliebe
SMP - Last Start
Amduscia - Incitacion Pagana
Pain Bastard - Final Day
Edge of Dawn - Black Heart
Sentinel of Eternity - Cyberia
Combichrist - Get Out of My Head
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Static
Out Out - Look Up, Hannah
Out Out - Ingrates
*****9:50PM Host DJ SAINt*****
Extize! - Guns, Gasoline & Cowbell
Extize! - Lawless Gringo
Slowearth - Entropy
Run Level Zero - CNN Of Worms
The Soft Moon - Die Life
Jesca Hoop - John, I'm Only Dancing
This Ascension - In the Flat Field
Nachtmahr - Wir Sind Die Toten
Noisuf-X - Beatz & Bass (Blast in Your Face)
Mari Kattman - Full Of Light
The Panic Lift - A Ghost Story
Decoded Feedback - Waiting For The Storm
Delerium (feat. Phildel) - Ritual (Album Mix)
*****11PM DJ Drew OTE Rhys Fulber Interview*****
Conjure One - Kill The Fear
*****Rhys Fulber interview segment one*****
Conjure One - Tears From The Moon
Conjure One - Ghost
*****Rhys Fulber interview segment two*****
Conjure One - Sleep
*****11:35PM Host DJ SAINt*****
Delerium - Angels
Kristy Thirsk - Break Me Down
Diffuzion - The Blessed (Rmx)
S/HE - A Thousand Years
Acylum - Venom (Psychic Force Remix)
Moev - Tear You Down
Chainreactor - 30 Ghosts
Hexadiode - Synchrocidal
Asseblage 23 - Static
Autodafeh - Digital Citizens
Die Krupps - Alive In A Glass Cage (Faderhead Remix)
Lost In Desire - All Alone (Razed In Black remix)
RecFrag - Temeraire (feat. Taelih)
Static Icon - Angelic Hell
Icky Blossoms - Ashes to Ashes
Junksista - Drug (CLEAN)
En Esch - 12345 (Stoneburner Remix)
POS.:2 - So Lonely (Fortleben Mix)
Aesthetische - We Follow Blindly (Feat. Mari Kattman)
Ayria - Underneath The Water (Sebastian Komor Mix)
Lights Of Euphoria - Blood On The Floor
Beauty Queen Autopsy - Lotharia
I:Scintilla - Havestar (Implant Mix)
Reaxion Guerrilla - Sacrifice (Asinaptico Remix)
LA-X - Fatal Technology
Caustic - Bomb the Clubs (GoFight Mix) (CLEAN)
Implant - Nine (Razed In Black Remix)
16 Volt - Freedom Of Choice
Magic Wands - Cat People (Putting out Fire)
S/HE - Who Do You Love?

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