Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"On The Edge" on KNHC 89.5 FM for 04-December-2016 Guest DJ Nervosa

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2
*****8PM Host Paul Aleinikoff*****
Front Line Assembly - Overkill
Seabound - Scorch The Ground (Version)
Hate Dept. - New Power (Suck Dry)
Imperative Reaction - As We Fall
The Thought Criminals - Dirty Electro
Inertia - Lies (Komor Kommando Mix)
Inertia - Paralyzed
Out Out - Look Up, Hannah
Out Out - Antidote Serum
Ghost & Writer - Man On A Wire
Dessau - Sun
A Kiss Could Be Deadly - Broken Music
Stromkern - Stand Up (Low Level Mix by Wade Alin)
And One - Mein Anfang
Fight The Cause - My Kind of Dying
Assemblage 23 - December
Girl Under Glass - Frozen
Ego Likeness - Geist
Intra-Venus & The Cosmonauts - Undone
Technoir - Near You (Farewell Mix by The Dust of Basement)
Ghosts In The Graveyard - Better In Black
The Birthday Massacre - Two Hearts
State of the Union - Radio Man
*****9:50PM Host DJ SAINt*****
21:50 : Glass Apple Bonzai - I Gave Myself to the Devil (Improv)
22:01 : s a r a s a r a - F I R E
22:05 : Angelspit - As It Is In Heaven
22:11 : Grim Faeries - Sweet Bang!
22:16 : Entrzelle - Secondary To My Love
22:20 : Faderhead - The Universe Has Spoken
22:25 : Kidneythieves - Who You Are
22:33 : Antidote For Annie - Sanctuary
22:38 : Christian Death - Cervix Couch (One By One) [Spahn Ranch Mix]
22:43 : Mentallo & The Fixer - Grim Reality
22:51 : Dead When I Found Her - Serus Mundi
22:59 : SPC ECO - Let It Be Always
*****11PM Guest DJ Nervosa*****
11:05PM The Power Walker "Unto The Deep"
11:12PM Scratch Massive "Closer (feat. Chloé)"
11:17PM Ego Likeness "Aviary"
11:21PM November Novelete "Free"
11:25PM In Death it Ends "We All Die"
11:31PM She Past Away "Ruh"
11:36PM The Soft Moon "Circles"
11:40PM Solofan "The Wheels of Love"
11:43PM Xmal Deutschland "Mondlicht"
11:48PM O. Children "Ruins"
11:56PM Sonne De Neige "Dans La Foret"
12:00AM Clan of Xymox "Jasmine And Rose"
12:07AM Seraphim Shock "After Dark"
12:10AM The Tear Garden "Coma"
12:14AM Dernière volonté "Un Claquement de Doigt"
12:18AM Static Movement "Visionary Landscapes"
12:21AM The Frozen Autumn "Second Sight"
12:26AM Chelsea Wolfe "Grey Days"
12:32AM IAMX "My Secret Friend (feat. Imogen Heap)"
12:39AM Tina Root (Of Switchblade Symphony) "Never Let Me Down Again"
12:43AM Diva Destruction "The Broken Ones"
12:47AM Switchblade Symphony "Mine Eyes"
12:51AM Siouxsie & The Banshees "Scarecrow"
12:57AM The Sisterhood "Giving Ground"
01:05AM Ghosting "Lion King"
01:09AM Lestat "Endparty"
01:13AM Shock Therapy "Hate Is a 4-Letter Word"
01:19AM Gerard McMann "Cry Little Sister (Theme from "the Lost Boys")"
01:24AM Sad Lovers And Giants "Things We Never Did"
01:28AM THE CURE "A Forest"
01:34AM Lebanon Hanover "Die World"
01:39AM NEW ORDER "Mesh"
01:42AM The Chameleons UK "Don't Fall"
01:46AM Merciful Nuns "Karma Inn"
01:49AM The Sisters of Mercy "Lucretia My Reflection"
01:54AM Nosferatu "The Witching Hour"
02:01AM The Smiths "panic"

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