Now here me live at 8PM-2AM PST Sunday nights KNHC 89.5 FM, KNHC Digital CH.1 and listen worldwide at www.C895.org!!! With Paul Aleinikoff!!!
No longer spinning as the host of “Eclectic Blender” usually Monday-Friday 9am-noonish PST on Radio Black Light. playing music from the genre’s of Industrial, EBM, Electro, Hardcore, Darkwave, IDM, Noise, Electronica, Trip hop, Drum & Base, a little Goth, Dubstep, Mid-evil, Classical, Alternative... and whatever else pops up in the giant random electric eclectic industrial strength blender! Also check out Radio Black Light Seattle on Facebook.
The purpose of this blog is to post playlist from the show, and links to hear the show recorded from the live broadcast.  I may later in time offer criticism of the music played or new releases, if time allows.

The Format for the Eclectic Blender is that of a Blender.  A mix of good ingredients which is the music; most fresh and new, some distant and rare, some classic and tasteful.  The Eclectic Blender always starts slow then builds rhythm, a Puree (66-95 BPM), it speeds up by the next hour to a Chop (95-110 BPM) of sound and vision, then grinds into a Mix (110-130 BPM) and mixed well, followed by a Shake (130-140 BPM), eventually to Crush (140-150 BPM) the ears, and Liquefy (150-160+ BPM) the speakers. As you can tell from past playlists there is always something little tidbit to pull out of the bottom of the blender when you are all done.  Something odd, tasty, classic, funny, or all of those but none the less well worth digesting.